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Our Vision
Give hope, be hope, live hope!

Our Mission
To see that children, the leaders of the future, find their rightful place in this world. Children with a purpose, created to develop, grow and reach their full potential in God.

Who We Are
Pure Hope Kids is a pre-primary educational institution for under privileged children. Pure Hope Primary is an extension of our dream that resulted into a primary school, which opened its doors in January 2013. The institution is rooted in the Christian faith and was established with the primary goal to reach out and minister to children, illustrating the heart and love of Jesus towards them.

Our Children
Pure Hope Kids and Pure Hope Primary has been established to fulfill in the developmental needs for underprivileged children. The school accommodates children from the immediate environment including the nearby located informal settlement. We strive to bring hope in a broken world. All the children attending the school come from underprivileged circumstances and broken homes. Most have received very little stimulation in their lives. At Pure Hope Kids and Pure Hope Primary they are exposed to a new and positive world where we endeavor to broaden their perspective. We regularly take them on educational trips. We are in the position to detect children’s emotional and physical needs which are numerous and have the opportunity to handle problems and ensure that they receive proper care.