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School Programme

What we do
We strive for a positive change in South Africa and believe that it needs to start with the education of our children, the future adults of our country. We have 6 pre-school classes, each of them tutoring 16-20 learners. We have a total of 97 learner btween 2-5 years. Our Grade R center has 36 learners. The Primary school, currently Grade 1-7, has a total amount of 178 learners. Our future plans include adding an additional grade each year. It is critical to limit the number of children per class in order to ensure that they receive optimal attention and stimulation.

The school programme focuses on developing the children in all areas and aspects of their lives. Their lingual, visual and motor skills as well as the development of perception are addressed on a daily basis. In addition to the school programme, the primary school children also take part in following activities:

- Ballet classes by Rhythm of Hope Dance
- Computer classes

- Sport activities such as netball, soccer, cross country and athletics resume in the afternoons.


The children are provided with breakfast, snacks and refreshments during morning-tea and lunch. Every child’s birthday is celebrated with a specially baked birthday cake and the child receives a gift as a token of his/her life being celebrated. Social workers are involved in the school programme and available to take care of children’s specific needs. They also run a special programme for the parents. Volunteers also help with Play- and Speech therapy.